Hot & Cold Beverages

Tropical Drinks

Shredded fresh cantaloupe juice.
Pilipino style. Shredded fresh young coconut juice - seasonal.
Caramelized sugar refreshment with gelatin and tapioca pearls.
Garnished with fresh minced mangoes.
Philippine citrus juice in crushed ice.
Philippine citrus sweet iced tea.
Seasonal soursop juice.
Philippine citrus, basil, fresh strawberries in crushed ice.
Philippine lime.

Tsaa Time | Craft Hot Teas

Ginger, honey, basil, mint, Sampaguita flower, Philippine citrus and love...
Ginger root tea with calamansi honey and love...
Philippine citrus with honey and love...
Philippine citrus and love...
Fine green tea with love..
Roasted brown rice green tea with love...
Mango tea with love...

Hot Chocolate Lovers | Tsokolate

Pampanga's hot chocolate - cacao with roasted peanut paste.
Hot chocolate with melted cheese.
A blend of Orea and Nutella.
Cacao and with a nutty taste.
Tsokolate con queso.

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