Fresh Off the grill

Manang’s Classics
Served with a choice of 2 sides (below) & steamed white rice (optional).

Side options: Filipino cucumber salad, garden salad, minced onions & tomatoes, atchara (pickled papaya relish), garlic fried rice, fried eggs or chef’s side special (please ask server)

Inihaw na Liempo.
Smothered in Renee's BBQ sauce.
Marinated BBQ chicken on bamboo skewers. Original. Spicy.
Flavorful BBQ pork on bamboo skewers. Original. Spicy.
Combination of marinated BBQ chicken and BBQ pork. Original. Spicy.
Only Renee's sweet sausages. Made with ground pork and spices on bamboo skewers.

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